This is because the steel ring work as braces to help support and correct the chest, so that the breast muscle is encased within the cup without any chance of slipping out.
When it comes to enhancing the chest and improving overall posture, the most important issue is resisting gravity. This is achieved with thicker straps as this affords the required tension to enhance your chest.

The chest pads function to reduce gravity when lifting the chest, hence helping to speed up the process. Over time, customers can check if the pads can be removed. As every case is different, we recommend you to regularly check your progress with us.

Bra should focus on the function , rather than style alone. Our experience has shown us that lace works better to increase chest enhancements. That’s why our products are usually sewn using lace. After several washes, the lace will not be so obvious.
Our bra cup sizes range from A to I, at first glance, these sizes seem larger than those sold elsewhere. But our BodiBra professional consultants will help you select the appropriate size by carefully measuring your body stature and chest size.
There are usually two reasons: Firstly, the bra could be too big and this causes excess space so the chest is not fully supported. Secondly, the bra could be too small, hence the bust and your chest are squeezed in. It is agreeable among most women that a bra that’s too big will not sit next to the skin and cause too much space between the bra and skin. However, a bra that’s too small will also cause the same problem.
Every morning, wear BodiBra to stretch your bust muscles for at least 8 hours. This helps to maintain the shape of your chest. As it is normal for women to remove their bra before going to bed at night, your chest muscles do not get any support during this time to maintain the shape of your chest.